Thursday, November 25, 2010


Nathan's family is here. It's been fun and hectic. They got here Friday, we went to the bazaar on base and pretty much just lounged around. Saturday we went to Cologne/Koln. We took a tour of the chocolate fountain, walked around the town center, and then saw the cathedral (which is absolutely beautiful). Sunday was Noah's baby blessing. It was such a nice feeling. My parents came to church to see it. All went well. I had a baby shower that night. Monday they went to Luxembourg to see the WWII cemetary, Bastogne to see the battle of the bulge monument, and then to Trier for the Christmas market and all the other tourist attractions. I stayed with Noah. It was cold and I didn't want him walking around all day in it. They got more packed in without us there anyways. Tuesday we drove down to Bern, Switzerland. We went through the black forest and stopped in a cute little German town which is known to have the largest coocoo clock. We got to Bern late that night. Wednesday we got up early and went to the temple there, where me and Nathan and Noah were all sealed to each other. Ofcourse that has been the high light of their trip. :)
We then drove back home last night. Today we came over to my parents house for Thanksgiving. It's nice to have family here for the holiday's. I do wish I was back in the states to go to all the Black Friday sales. It's been 4 years since I last went, way too long for me! Shopping is ofcourse my favorite hobby. But Thanksgiving was still wonderful, especially since me and Nathan were in Portugal for it last year.
Tomorrow we are going to Paris for the night. Just going to see the sights. They leave on Sunday so we come back Saturday night. Noah is staying with my parents. That will be weird. I'm positive I will cry. I'm just so attached, I can't help it. I love him too much!
I have to go get gas now so I'll write more in depth another day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Right now me and my mom are watching Grease. It reminds me of my childhood. I realize it was made years before then. My mom, sister, and myself used to watch this together. The last time I can remember us sitting down together watching "girlie" movies was right after my nephew was born. We were all in our pajamas, sitting at my sisters first house. I miss my sister a lot lately. She'll be here in a few weeks. I just miss seeing her every day.
Noah is no longer sick thank goodness. He's been doing so good lately. He just keeps on growing. We went to the thrift store today and a lady was sitting there with her two months old who weighs less than 10 lbs. She asked me how old Noah was, I told her a month and a half. She said "wow he's so big". We get that a lot. :) It's true. I think he's so cute when he kicks his little legs. I wonder what he'll look like when he grows up.
So Friday me and Nathan went bowling and to watch Machete. Turns out, we kinda suck at bowling. It's been well over a year since I last bowled. It was fun though. And it was definitely nice spending alone time with Nathan. Machete was funny in a very retarded way. Nathan says it's "mexican humor". Saturday we went to a UFC fight a couple hours away. We had so much fun. We went with a bunch of people from Nathan's shop. Ofcourse, me and Silverthorne were the only girls. Those guys crack me up though. I haven't had that much fun in a long time. The main fight wasn't very great, but there were a couple that were good. It's so funny listening to what people yell. We didn't get back until 3 am so we were pretty exhausted the next day.
My in-laws get here on Friday. Nathan's parents, sisters, brother, grandma, and Alicia's husband. We are excited. We are going to tour around Europe a bit. I hope that goes well with Noah being in the car. All together there is going to be 11 of us. Obviously, we won't all fit into our car so we thought about getting a rental car. The car was going to be a thousand euros. Nathan found a really cheap van for sale on so we went and looked at it yesterday. It looks like we are going to buy this van and then sell it after they leave. Not a bad idea.
Nathan is coming to get us now so I better get off.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Today is a little sad. This is our first weekend withot our good friends. A few months ago we were spending every weekend with Darcie, Kip, Chris, and Russell. Now they are all gone. The Holmsteads left on Tuesday. I suppose thats just military life though. You would think I would be used to it by now but it's still hard saying good bye to friends. Especially when they are the people you do everything with. I think we will have a lot of free time on our hands. I don't know what I will do when Nathan gets deployed.
Anyways, tonight is date night for me and Nathan. We are going bowling and then to watch a movie. I am so grateful that my parents are here to watch Noah for us. It's nice to get to spend time alone with the hubby. We definitely need it. I didn't realize how much attention a baby needs. I mean, I obviously knew they were work, but I suppose I didn't fully grasp it. Noah is a wonderful gift though. I couldn't ask for a better baby. He definitely makes my life a little more complete.
I have so much more to say but trying to write with a sick baby is harder than one would imagine. I hope whoever reads this has a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Numero Uno

This will be short. I am typing with one hand. My poor baby is sick and the only way he sleeps is in someones arms, currently mine. I blame Nathan for getting us sick. :)
This is my first blog ever. I can honestly say it will be weird writing out things about my life. I figured it would be a good way to let my family back home keep up with Noah's growth and the interesting things me and Nathan get into.
And now my mom has Noah. Like I said, he's sick. It started Monday and has gotten worse. Hopefully today was the peak. He's getting so big, almost 13 lbs. I know, that is a lot for a one month old. He's my big fatso. I love him. He is making a lot of noises now, and holding his head up very well. Most nights he only wakes up twice. He is slowly getting into a routine. He is 5 weeks old today. I can't wait until he gets a little older and I can play with him. That will make my days a little less boring.
Nathan is spending a lot of his time working on getting his VW bus fixed up and shipped over here. He's so excited about it. I'm excited because that means I get my car back, which will also help with my days. He also has been working hard on our table (that he made) and making a better cage for his chinchilla. I definitely have a crafty husband who has his hands in a lot.
As for me, my clothes don't fit. My hips and chest grew a little too much while I was pregnant. I am now a size 5 pants which is very rough for me since I am normally a size 0. I tried to put on one of my pre-pregnancy dresses the other day.. couldn't get it zipped up because my rib cage/boobs no longer fit into it. I would normally like this because it means that I get to buy all new clothes, but since it's the holiday season I'd feel bad if I spent a much of money on something that I don't REALLY need. I am also hoping that I'll continue to shrink. Next week is when I get to start working out. I am extremely excited about that.
Aside from me being a chunk, things are going well. Nathan's family comes in a little over a week. We are getting sealed while they are here. YAY!
I'll write again soon. We only have dial up, it's too slow to do anything. I'm not for sure when the next time will be. I suppose when we come back to my parents house.