Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fried pickles

Today is not my day. I'm just in one of those moods where I don't want to do anything, don't want to talk to anyone, I don't even want to move. But I do anyways ofcourse. And I just smashed my finger opening a jar of pickles for my mom.
I guess I'm just tired of people. I'm tired of negativity and ignorance. I don't even like to use the word ignorance but that's the best word to describe it. And I'm tired of not having my best friend here. I have many acquaintances but only one best friend.. and one sister who I suppose is also a best friend. I miss the days that I had them right there all the time. I'm ready for good friends again.
On the plus side my mom is making fried pickles.

Friday, January 21, 2011


So wow, things have been crazy lately. I feel like we are always going. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it, infact I enjoy it.. I just don't want us to over work ourselves.
Nathan started school on Tuesday. He will now go every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9 until the end of March. He plans to be done with his Associates by the end of the year. I'm so proud of him!
Our landlord called us about two weeks ago and told us that they were going to sell our house. We started looking around at houses but nothing really seemed to work for us. Nathan really wanted to stay in our house (it's pretty cool, I'm not going to lie) so he tried to talk the landlords out of it but they were just really wishy washy so we decided that we'd go ahead and continue looking. We needed to find something before March so we could have a year lease (we are supposed to leave March 2012). So the other day we found a great house. New looking, lots of storage which is hard to find in Germany and an open floor plan. The bathrooms and kitchen are super nice. We do lose a bedroom and parking but I didn't expect to find something like our house. Nathan's excited because he said that if we move he wanted to extend a year, and now we get to. So we tell our landlords that we found a house and they tell us that we'd have to pay double rent for Feb. Then they called us back and said "well we can make sure that the house won't sell until next March". We were mad. Either way, we decided that we'd go ahead and move. We worked everything out. I'm excited for this house. Now it's just time to pack everything up. We'll be moving from the 15th-20th.
Noah has been growing too fast for my liking. He sits up really well and has rolled over a few times. He loves his jumper, he just bounces away. My mom got him a bumbo chair and he looks like a big boy in there. Sometimes when he cries he says "mama mama mama". I know he's just making noises but I'm going to count it as his first word. He started it when he was about a month old. He laughs and makes noises all the time. He's almost grown out of 2 diapers and he'll be in his 6-9 month clothes in the next few weeks. I love how chunky he is. He makes me so happy. I'm glad I get to stay home with him during this time. We have a little routine going.
So we decided we'll be going back to California in the late spring. We are going to try to take a hop. That way everyone will get to see Noah and hopefully we'll get to see Audrey and Sheldon and Jessica's baby. The whole reason we are going though is to try to find a house to buy. We are going to find one over by Beale AFB and rent it out to military until we go back. We've found some pretty cool ones online.
Nathan finally got his VW bus the other day. It's pretty neato. He loves it a lot but he has some work to do before he can drive it full time. I'm excited to take trips in it. I love this life we have. It's nice to be able to travel and have fun with Nathan and Noah. We love when people visit too because it just means more trips to fun places.
We have a lot more going on but I just decided I want to go play with Noah. :) Wish us luck these next few months.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


And also, I have had the song Yellow - Coldplay stuck in my head for the past two days. It's my new favorite old song. :) I don't usually listen to a lot of Coldplay but I am seriously digging it. Listen to it if you haven't already.

Christmas, New Year, and my poor sick Noah.

Well since it's been a few weeks I figured I should probably update a bit.
Nathan's Christmas party for the kids was fun. They had games and food and crafts. Noah ofcousre didn't get to enjoy any of that but he did get to meet Santa. He did really well. Better than a lot of the other kiddos who cried. I think he's just used to being around people. He's friendly for the most part. He got a book from Santa, which makes his book collection go up to about a million. I have no problem with that. :)
The following weekend was the CE adult Christmas party. It was okay. The place that it was held was gorgeous but quite small. When they did the prizes everyone was cramped into a small room with a big bar in the middle.. the place smelt like nastiness after awhile hah. But it was nice being around adults. Noah stayed with a babysitter that night.

The next day Cinnamon, Matt, Matthew, Claire and my grandma Vicki got in. I enjoy spending time with them. We always have a good time and my sister is one of my two best friends. That night we went to a Christmas market in Bernkastel. I always enjoy Christmas markets. The first couple days they were here it snowed a couple feet so we weren't able to get out and do much. But we still had fun finding things to do indoors. Nathan had to work that week so he didn't get to hang out much.
Christmas was great. We stayed the night at my parents so we could wake up early with everyone to open presents. Every year on Christmas Eve we get to open one present. My mom always picks it out, ofcourse.. and it's always pajamas. This year we all got matching ones. Some may say it's dumb but I thought it was a kind of fun idea. It's not like we are all going out wearing them hah. Noah got a play mat/ball pit from Santa and a stocking full of toys and candy which me and Nathan got to eat. He also got two Baby Einsteins, lots and lots of clothes, money, bath toys, and other fun things. He got spoiled considering he's only 3 months old. I got some DVD's, a sweater, shirt, gift card for Wet Seal, money, candy, a video camera, slippers, a candle melter thingy, and my favorite, a sewing machine. :) My grandma makes so many cool things, she's a professional after all hah. She taught me the basics. Me and my friend Lauren are going to be making baby blankets, baby towels, and these cool first aid kits for the Spring bazzare. I'm pretty excited about that.
Anyways, we went over to the Stafford's for Christmas brunch and got to hang out with some families from Nathan's shop. We always have fun with everyone.
Noah got sick a few days later so we stayed home most of New Year's week while my family got to tour around Europe a bit. We did get baby monitors for Noah so as soon as he's all better he's going to his crib. I have mixed feelings about this but I know it's the best thing and I need to do it eventually. Plus he's sleeping through the night now so it won't be too bad. New Year's Eve we went to Spike and Linda's party. Everyone was drunk and dancing by the time we left.. oh goodness haha. But it was a good time. There were a couple hundred fireworks. People joked that they were better than the base's 4th of July fireworks. :)
Yesterday, I went with my dad, grandma, Cinnamon, and Matt to Koln while Nathan took Noah to the hospital in Trier. As soon as we got home I went up there. Poor baby has bronchitis and pneumonia (just a small case). They have to keep him there for a few days. He's doing wonderful for being sick and having all the shots and IV's. They have him doing a breathing treatment 4 times a day. Nathan stayed last night and tonight with him. I went up there yesterday and today to spend the day with him and let Nathan go home and nap. I definitely didn't sleep very well last night. I got home and just broke down. I do not at all like the fact that Noah is sick. He's just a baby and he doesn't deserve it (not that anyone does). It's definitely scary being a new mom. We took him to the clinic on base the other day and the doctor said that he was just sick but there wasn't anything to give him for it and to just wait it out but take him to the ER if it got worse (wow that was a run on sentence). We didn't really know what to look for.. so after a few days of it not getting better we figured it was time, thank goodness Nathan brought him in! I just hope that he gets better quickly.
My family goes back home on Tuesday. It's going to be a sad day.. especially because my dad is getting deployed AGAIN. I know.. he just got back. That's how the military goes. The crazy thing is that Nathan is trying to go (so he can reenlist there and get his bonus tax free) and he can't even get tasked. So, yeah, it's going to be a rough week. The one thing that I wish is that all my family could be together. I miss them all when they/we are away. And life just isn't the same without my sister. Hopefully, me, Nathan, and Noah will be going back to the states in the Spring. That's my plan atleast. It'll be nice getting to show off Noah and also getting to see the many babies that were born to both our families this past year.
I'm craving a change of scenery. We still have until March 2012. Weird to think that 2011 will be our last summer/fall/winter in Germany. I love Germany and it's beauty. We aren't quite ready to go back to the states yet though. Nathan has England, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska on his overseas dream sheet. We are hoping for Portugal or Japan. I just can't wait to see where we are going.. but we have a few months for that.
Anyways, I better go. I need to call and make sure my baby is still doing okay. I really need to get better at writing on this thing. I did start it for a reason.