Friday, December 10, 2010


Noah slept 8 straight hours last night, ate,and then slept for another 3 hours. He slept through the night on Wednesday as well, but it was only 6 hours instead of 8. I sure hope this keeps up. He's growing so fast, I love it and hate it at the same time! He is just so smart. And tonight is Nathan's shop children Christmas party. Noah gets to meet Santa, yay! I know I know, he's just a baby. But I want a picture of him with Santa.
Also, we don't have hot water in the upstairs portion of our house (which is where we "live"). Not cool.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Since the last time I wrote..

So lets see what's been going on.
We went to Paris the Friday after Thanksgiving. It was definitely a hectic trip but worth it. We got in a little later than we had wanted, went to Hard Rock (ofcourse since that is mine and Nathan's thing that we do everywhere we can) and then went to the Eifel tour. All of Nathan's family wanted to go to the top, me and Nathan wanted to wait to go to the top when it was light out so we didn't. We ended up leaving the group and going back to the hotel early. I wasn't feeling very well and it was going to be a good night of sleep since my parents were watching Noah. Isn't it crazy how when we get the chance to stay up all night if we want to, we end up going to bed early. I supposed that's how sleep deprived we are. :)
Saturday we went to Versilles (that doesn't look right but I'm too lazy to look it up at the moment). It was so gorgeous. The hard part was getting there. The trains were sometimes hard to figure out and we ended up getting off at the wrong exit so we walked for about 30 minutes to get to it. It was COLD! We got to tour the palace and the gardens. If anyone ever gets a chance to go there I suggest it.
Since we took so long at the palace we ended up getting to Notre Dame late. We still go to tour it ofcourse. Everything in Paris closes a little later than the rest of Europe so we lucked out there. We ate dinner and then headed home. By the time we got on the road it was a little after 10 pm. I was hoping to leave a little early so that we wouldn't get back so late but it was my in-laws last day in Europe. We got home at 3 am and were getting ready for bed when Nathan decided he better check to see when everyone's flights left. Good thing he did because everyone except Alicia and Rudy's flight left at 6 am.. and it takes 2 hours to get to the airport from our house.. and you are supposed to be 2 hours early when you are flying international. Basically they threw their stuff in their bags and we got back in the car. Yeap.. no sleep. Me and Nathan were so exhausted that we ended up pulling over at a rest stop on our way to sleep for a couple of hours.
But we definitely had fun with his family here. We did a lot in a very short amount of time which was kind of stressful but I'm so glad they came and tha we got to spend Thanksgiving with them, and that they got to see Noah. I hope to go visit California in early spring. I always enjoy trips there. I love Nathan's family so much!
We put up our tree and some of our decorations. Christmas is wonderful time. I keep bugging Nathan to put up the rest but we'll see when we get around to it. We bought a white Christmas tree this year. Last year we got a real one and it was honestly a pain so I'm glad we have a fake one now. It's really pretty though.
Last Saturday we went to a Christmas market in the Netherlands with our friends Dominic, Lauren, and baby Aiden (who is 2 weeks younger than Noah). It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy Christmas markets. Mine and Nathan's first (real) date was to a Christmas market two years ago. It's amazing how much we've done in two years. Anyways, the Christmas market was in a cave. I liked it more than the German one's we go to. Everything was cheaper. We got two nativity scenes and pretty much finished our Christmas shopping. And it was fun hanging out with friends.
Tuesday I picked up Kip, Darcie, and Karlena from the airport. I was hoping to get to spend a night with them but they ended up driving to England just a few hours later. Oh well, we will see them once they are settled into a house.
Noah Page is growing up so fast. He weighs 14 lbs (my big chunk baby :)). He's already in his 3-6 month clothes, some of which are already to small for him. He's also in size 2 diapers. I'm sure this is all very interesting to you people haha. He smiles and laughs and makes tons of noises. I love being with him all day. Today he held a rattle for the first time and he started lifting his legs up higher. When he's on his tummy he kicks his feet so much. I can only imagine how soon he'll be rolling over and crawling. Right now I enjoy him not being mobile. I can put him on our bed for his naps or lay him on the couch with a pillow on the side of him if I need to run to the next room really fast. Which by the way, he's waking up right now so I better bring this to an end soon.
Yesterday I got stuck in the snow and Nathan had to come get me out. The roads are pretty bad this week. Me and Noah stay in doors a lot. Nathan hit a wall on his way home from work. Not enough to damage our car but still, it's scary that even with 4 wheel drive you can get into accidents. I didn't want to do anything tonight but one of the girls that Nathan visit teaches is in the hospital with whooping cough so he had to drive to Trier to see her. He is also going to look at a puppy while he is there.. so who knows. I may have a dog the next time I write. Okay that's it for now. I'll write sooner next time. Have a good night!