Thursday, February 24, 2011

weekends, passports, and shots

One day I'm going to be super good at this. Who knows when, but one day it will happen.
So anyways, lets see what's been happening.
Noah is so cute, that not new though. He sticks out his tongue when you stick out yours. He makes crazy noises with his mouth. Lately, he's been grabbing for EVERYTHING. Yesterday we were in the passport office and he was trying to grab all the papers. It was very adorable ofcourse BUT I realized that soon I'm going to have a little terror running around. I'm looking forward to it haha. I have to entertain him a lot more. It's not too bad though. He's a very calm, relaxed baby, which I enjoy. I worry about our next children and how they will be. Noah spoils me. So yea, we went to do his passport yesterday. You'd be amazed at how much you have to do for a baby passport. We've had two different appointments before this one and never had all the things we needed. So yesterday we got it all done. I'm excited to bring him back to the states and let everyone see him. Today, I took him to get his 4 month shots. I realize I'm a tad late but we had his 2 month shots late and they want to make sure there is enough time in between. So yea, he did really well. Much better than last time! I almost cried though when they did the first one and he was screaming. It was so sad. I really wanted Nathan to go but he couldn't get off work. Oh well, it's over and done with and he did really well. He's been happy all day, as usual.

I hate my computer. That's just a side note.

Tomorrow, we are going to a "shop morale party". It's for Nathan's shop. It should be fun. We are all making food from "home". Nathan's mom sent me a few recipes and I have a few but I just can't decide on what is "home" for us. But I am excited to go hang out with people. I really like the people in his shop.. most of the time. Sometimes it's kind of dramatic. You know how women are. But we did get lucky, that's for sure. Saturday, my mom is having a Lemongrass Spa party. I'm VERY excited about that. At the end my mom is giving us all hand massages. I personally love love love massages of any sort. It'll be nice to relax a little bit. Lately I've just been really "blah". I don't know what it is. It's not a sad feeling, it's just I cannot get motivated for some reason. And I think this move is finally getting to me as well. I just am ready to be out of these boxes completely and on with our life. I want to know where all my stuff is at all times. I did finally unpack my closets. I was seriously putting it off because I knew it would take forever. I was right, it took two hours. It didn't even take that long to unpack our kitchen. Okay, well maybe it did. And I ended up having to put all of my dress shoes in the basement closet because they wouldn't fit in my closet anymore. I swear, I go through my clothes every 3-4 months, and I actually get rid of quite a few. Infact, I just did it in Dec and I have my sister like 4 or 5 dresses.. and I sent a bunch of shirts to the airmens attack. I am seriously a shop-a-holic! I need to fix that.
So, off track. Yes, I am excited for Saturday. Sunday after church my friend Lauren is going to come over and we are going to sew some more blankets. She was over Saturday, Sunday-Monday of last weekend. We got a lot done. I'm really happy about that. The Bazaar is the end of April so we need to finish everything. We also ordered a bunch more fabric. I'm really happy with how my blankets turned out. I did my very first one (alone) on Sunday. I messed up a few times but it definitely turned out better than I had hoped. I told Lauren if it doesn't sell, I'm going to keep it for when we have a girl. :) We are also making, burp cloths, baby first aid kits, hooded towels, and some treats. I'm sure we will do well!

I know more has happened I'm just really tired and Nathan already went to bed.
Wow weird, I keep seeing a standing bear out of the corner of my eye. That right there should tell you how tired I am. And once again, I'm going to stay I hate my computer. It had a virus a couple months ago and now everytime I type, it will stay on track for awhile and then randomly it'll start typing two rows up. No joke, it does this all the freaking time. I'm so tired of it. We need to get a desktop!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I need to be better at this.

I hate when I just wrote an entire post and I accidently click the backspace button twice and it deletes the whole thing. This has happened on more than one occasion. I'll sum it up because I don't have much time to rewrite the whole thing.

1. I love having Noah in my life. He's the greatest and the most fun to watch. Especially, with his camel that my parents got him in the Canary Islands (we are going there one day soon).

2. We moved into our new house on Saturday. It wasn't as stressful as we thought and we have already unpacked the majority of our things. I really need to unpack my closet but I know it'll take forever so I'm procrastinating as much as possible.

3. We have internet at our house which means online banking (YAYYYYY) and pilates online.

4. Good news, I'm only 10 lbs from my prepregnancy weight, which I am positive I'll never return to again. My hips and butt grew too much. But I'm honestly okay with my new weight. Just some toning and I'll be happy again.

5. I am going to chop all my hair off as soon as I get to America again. The plan is to donate it to locks of love. I'm just so tired of it. I also bought black hair dye yesterday, with some persuasion from Nathan. I get so tired of having the same look. I'm ready for a change. I enjoy change a little too much I think.

6. I'm really thinking Nathan will get deployed with all this stuff that's going on around the world. It's just a matter of time I'm sure. On a positive note, he put in his papers to reenlist (March 7th) and to extend in Germany for another year. We like Europe too much to go back to the states just yet. So since he is reenlisting, he gets a bonus. We are going to buy a house.

7. I dislike people. I miss Jackie, I miss Andrea, I miss my sister. Andrea and Mike are having a baby!!!!! I love it already. I want to go to England to see them.. and Kip/Darcie/Karlena. I cannot wait to get Noah's passport.

That's about it.
Oh yeah, and I hate my stupid laptop.