Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The end of California and beginning of Arizona


After a few days of being in California and getting little to no sleep we decided we'd go stay with Sheldon and Jessica. There was a lot more room and if Noah were to wake up in the middle of the night, he wouldn't be waking anyone else up (it's surprising how light of sleepers Nathan's parents are). No kidding, that night Noah went back to his normal sleeping pattern. My guess is that there is just a lot more going on at Garth and Rebecca's, considering there are a lot more kids, and people are constantly coming and going.
Anyways, we had quite a bit of fun in California. We went to the Jelly Belly Factory, which Noah loved. He really enjoyed seeing all the machines at work and ofcourse the jelly beans were a plus. That same day we visited the Vacaville Outlets. There are very few things that I like more than shopping. A few days later I had a "gender prediction" ultrasound done. Good thing too because we found out that we will actually be having a GIRL! Nathan and I are both extremely excited about that.
After finding out that we were having a girl I went a little bit crazy. And by a little bit I mean I a lot. The bad thing about me enjoying shopping so much is that Nathan's mom enjoys it a lot too. We ended up being in Sacramento for 3 weeks and we went shopping probably every day except like 4 or 5.
Alicia came to visit for a week in the middle of our stay. It was nice to see her, especially since Noah was still a tiny baby last time he saw her. The rest of the trip was spent just visiting with family. We stayed with Dawn and John for a night and let Noah and Audrey play together. They were really cute together. The time would have been better had Noah not been sick/teething. We got to see the Kay's a few times. Nathan's cousin Josh got married while we were there so we went to their wedding. The last weekend we were there Rebecca, Jessica, and Candie through me a baby shower. Baby girl got lots and lots of goodies (MORE CLOTHES) it was nice being around family!
It was a nice trip but I can honestly say that I was ready to go by the time the day came. Like I said before, there is just a lot going on with Nathan's family and I am not the type to be going, going, going all day long. I enjoy relaxing and even more I enjoy time to myself. Unfortunately, that wouldn't even happen for a few more weeks. I will say though that I loved being in California and I am excited for the day that we decide to move back there. I love everything about the Sacramento area.

So from Sacramento, we flew to Tucson to visit my best friend Jackie. It was so nice to see Jackie again and finally meet her baby and fiance (Carter and Justin). Carter was 3 months at the time so he was still a little baby and let me love on him.
It was crazy to see Jackie as a mom and wife (well soon to be). Last time I saw her was our wedding and she was still the same old crazy Jackie I've known for 7 years now. This time you could tell she had changed so much, not in a bad way ofcourse. Being a mom really changes you. I know, obvious, but it's more than just the fact that you are caring for someone else. You see more love in women after they have children. I saw that a lot with her. We didn't do a whole lot while we were there. Just hung out and shopped a bit. Mostly just caught up on life and talked about the old days. Seriously, we used to be inseperable. More so than when people usually say it. Literally, we were together from sun up to sun down. The only time we weren't stuck to each other's hips were when we were showering, and even that we did at each other's houses. I miss having that kind of friend. Not so much the practically living together (I live with two boys and a soon to be girl.. that's enough for me) but the being able to tell each other anything and always having someone to hang out with so you're never bored kind of friend. It was nice having that again, even if it was only for a week.
While we were there, my friend Andrea came up for the night. She's one of my best friends, we were neighbors in England. This girl is another girl that I miss having around all the time. Anyways, her husband is deployed right now and she was visiting family in Pheonix for a few days. We all went out to eat that night. I got to see her new little baby Camden (she's just a month older than Carter) and she got to see Noah again. We had a good time. Andrea and Jackie met for the first time this night and seemed to like each other a lot as well. It's always nice to know that my best friends like each other. I guess mostly because that means that I haven't changed too much over the past few years.

(I'm stopping here because I need to shower before Noah wakes up from his nap.. plus I get bored too quickly when I'm on the computer these days.)

Friday, April 20, 2012

mistaken boy and Noah visits California

I can honestly say that this is the longest time I've gone without writing in this thing, since signing up a year and a half ago.

Since I left off at right before my doctor appointment I figure I can pick up there.
The appointment I referred to in my last blog was the end of December. I was 17 weeks pregnant (crazy considering I'm now 33 weeks). The doctor did an ultrasound and only quickly looked over the "parts", then gave his opinion that we were having another boy. I will be honest, I was a little heart broken at first. I cannot put into words how strongly I was feeling that this baby was a girl. But after a few minutes and well, shock, I decided that what I really wanted most of all was a happy, healthy baby. I know we will have more children and so if I wasn't going to get my girl this time then we'd keep going until I got her. I still couldn't quite shack the idea of a girl out of my head though so that night I went shopping and bought a few boy things. It made me feel better.

About a week later Noah and I caught a "hop" (military planes) to BWI. We stayed the night there and bought a ticket to Sacramento. Noah actually did quite well on his flights, considering the lack of sleep we got and also the longest he'd be on a plane was an hour. After two very long days of traveling we finally made it to California. It was really nice getting to spend some time with Nathan's side of the family. The last time any of them had seen Noah he wasn't even two months old.
The first few days were hell, I will admit it. Noah's internal time clock was all jacked up.

(Noah woke up and we now have to go to his doctor appointment so to be continued I suppose..)