Friday, April 20, 2012

mistaken boy and Noah visits California

I can honestly say that this is the longest time I've gone without writing in this thing, since signing up a year and a half ago.

Since I left off at right before my doctor appointment I figure I can pick up there.
The appointment I referred to in my last blog was the end of December. I was 17 weeks pregnant (crazy considering I'm now 33 weeks). The doctor did an ultrasound and only quickly looked over the "parts", then gave his opinion that we were having another boy. I will be honest, I was a little heart broken at first. I cannot put into words how strongly I was feeling that this baby was a girl. But after a few minutes and well, shock, I decided that what I really wanted most of all was a happy, healthy baby. I know we will have more children and so if I wasn't going to get my girl this time then we'd keep going until I got her. I still couldn't quite shack the idea of a girl out of my head though so that night I went shopping and bought a few boy things. It made me feel better.

About a week later Noah and I caught a "hop" (military planes) to BWI. We stayed the night there and bought a ticket to Sacramento. Noah actually did quite well on his flights, considering the lack of sleep we got and also the longest he'd be on a plane was an hour. After two very long days of traveling we finally made it to California. It was really nice getting to spend some time with Nathan's side of the family. The last time any of them had seen Noah he wasn't even two months old.
The first few days were hell, I will admit it. Noah's internal time clock was all jacked up.

(Noah woke up and we now have to go to his doctor appointment so to be continued I suppose..)

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